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Betting with Matchbook Bonus Code

Disclaimer: Matchbook is currently not available in the UK, we will update you as soon as they are available again.

All the new users who sign up at Matchbook UK with Matchbook bonus code 2020 will be eligible for the awesome Matchbook welcome offer and the welcome bonus. All you have to do is register at Matchbook and get the special bonuses on or around big sporting events.

Matchbook is another online betting company that are relatively new on the scene so it is to their credit that they are so well known already.

Most of this recognition can probably be put down to the fact that, like Betfair, Matchbook UK is really a betting exchange with Matchbook offers rather than just a run of the mill bookie.

Providing sporting markets on an exchange means that Matchbook UK offers their customers the ability to lay as well as back a selection so the customer already has more choices open to them.

What is also new with Matchbook is that their standard commission rate will be changed to 2% flat commission on all sports. Users will not pay commission on losing bets. This means that all new customers will, right from the start be set to 2% Net Win Commission together with the majority of the existing customers.

Matchbook Betting Exchange

Matchbook Customer Service and Interaction

One area where new betting sites and exchanges can really make a name for themselves and stand out from the older, more traditional bookies is customer interaction.

This could mean the customer support and help provided. Matchbook has consistently provided an excellent level of customer support and it is this kind of interaction that customers come to expect more and more.

If there is a need for help with a particular issue, the customer does not expect to have to wait around to be served so it is to Matchbook’s credit that they take this area of the business very seriously.

But another factor that Matchbook scores highly in is the general interaction with the customers. In today’s online world, customers want to feel part of the business and not just part of the company’s profit margins.

Matchbook, as a relatively new venture, understand this very well and know that if they can make their customers feel comfortable around the site and staying after making initial selections, then they may make further bets.

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Matchbook Bonus Code Activation

All the Matchbook bonus code activation and Matchbook sign up offer details are in the table below.

Matchbook Sign up Offer:Bonus details:General requirements
BonusOn big sporting events18+ | T&C apply
Matchbook Bonus CodeTo be revealed18+ | T&C apply
Matchbook Welcome offerNot available at the moment18+ | T&C apply
General requirements18+ | New customers only18+ | See below

Matchbook has an entire section of their site devoted to this interaction called The Lounge. The fact that it is highlighted at the start of their main menu across the top of the screen tells you all you need to know about how Matchbook UK thinks.

In the lounge, customers can access betting previews looking ahead to some of the bigger sporting events, check out live scores, take a look at the Matchbook twitter feed, and contribute to the Matchbook UK community forum.

Betting with Matchbook

All of these sections are more to do with retaining the customer’s interest and keeping them on the site rather than just making a bet and then leaving. There are, of course betting odds listed as part of the betting previews but they are really just extra content for customers to read before possibly making their selections.

The community forum in particular is a great way for Matchbook to get their customers talking to one another as well to themselves. And as Matchbook is an exchange, what better way to get customers finding possible match ups than letting them talk to each other?

Why should you sign up With Matchbook Bonus Code?

Matchbook cannot compete with Betfair on some areas of the exchange market including liquidity and range of markets. But the liquidity with US sports is pretty good so anyone interested in those markets should check out Matchbook.

The look of the site is very fresh as well and they manage to get the amount of information to the customer in a way that doesn’t seem overwhelming. When you think that they have the lay odds to contend with as well, that is something to be applauded.

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What can you bet on?

Really the question should be ‘what can’t you bet on?’! Although there were always extensive sports markets offered by high street bookies the general world knowledge on the side of the punter didn’t extend past what they could see around them.

To many the list of football markets, for example, may extend only to the point that they are there to be bet on. But many people will have expert knowledge of some leagues and competitions across the world that do not really get the media coverage of some of the bigger European leagues.

This means that customers can use this specialist knowledge to make informed bets on events that few others may know about. And that is where you can find the value in the market.

And it is not just football that enjoys this kind of market coverage. Whether you are into tennis, horse racing, golf, basketball or ice hockey, you can bet on the teams and leagues that you know. It doesn’t matter if you are in the country that you are betting on – if there is an international sports event going on then you will probably be able to have a bet on it.

How to sign up for an account with Matchbook Bonus Code?

If you want to claim Matchbook sign up offer, you need to open an account at Matchbook. Although there may be slight differences from site to site and some terms and phrases may change, the basic way of signing up for a customer account at any online betting site usually goes something like this:

  • There will a menu button or icon to click which will open up the sign up screen
  • You will need to fill in your personal details – name, email, date of birth etc.
  • Then you need to provide some security details – possibly a username, but definitely a password and usually the answer to a specific security question that can be used in the event you forget either your username or password when logging in
  • There may be some general settings options to decide on, such as how you want your odds to be presented. Whatever you decide here isn’t permanent as you can easily change them later whenever you log into your account
  • You will then need to provide your banking details for deposits and withdrawals and possibly what currency you want to bet in
  • At this point you will probably be prompted to make your initial deposit
  • The most important part of the whole sign up process is usually at the end when you have the chance to enter the Matchbook sign up offer promotional code (in this case, Matchbook bonus code). Without entering the code, you will not be eligible for the bets or deposit match that the bookies have enticed you with
  • And that is it. You will now have a brand new customer account and be able to explore the markets on offer to make your first bet. Good luck!
Matchbook Welcome Offer Registration Form


Matchbook Bonus Code: Verdict

The other main attraction in becoming a Matchbook customer account holder is the great service you receive and the feeling of being a part of something.

We usually spend a lot of time talking about the welcome bonus and the range of markets as the most important things when it comes to choosing an online sports betting company to join, but Matchbook prove that if you concentrate on getting a few things working perfectly then that will be attractive to potential customers.